Green future

Approved Environmentalism

Creavit, acting with respect for the nature and the natural, as a result of the evaluation of the environmental effects of the ceramic sanitary ware produced in all life cycles; has been granted the Environmental Product Declaration Certificate (EPD) approved by independent organizations.

Sustainable use of natural resources that have recently been added to the CE (Comfirmeté Europénne) Certificate requirements, which are among the conditions for the construction of building products in Europe, is carried out with EPD certificates made with the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Creavit, which achieved the success of the European standard production at the rate of CO2, has also been awarded with the EPD certificate, which provides additional scores for the environmentally friendly Green Buildings in many international certification systems such as American LEED, British BREEAM and German DGNB.

Creavit has been developed and produced by the AR-GE Department and is now used in the world with perforated production plates to save energy,
First Company
Customer Satisfaction Employing the Environmental Management System in the sector,
First Company
In the sector, carbon emissions below the European average
In Turkey, waste heat is used by converting energy into electricity,
First Company

Environmental Awareness

  • Support for sustainable use of resources by obtaining Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
  • Obtaining the EN 15804 Sustainability documents
  • Environmental management system
  • Waste water monitoring analysis at 53 different chimneys
  • Disposal of hazardous waste in January, July and December
  • Almost all of the ceramic and gypsum fractures occurring annually are transformed
  • Sending packaging wastes to licensed companies for conversion
Disposing of a total of 40 tons of non-recyclable hazardous waste in total
The top company in the sector with the lowest carbon emission rates in Europe CO2
3 wastewater tracing analysis 6 industrial wastewater tracing analysis in a year

Epd Certificates

Life Cycle of Products

When using Creavit Sanitaryware and Fire Clay Ceramic Health products, the Green Building certificate contributes to the following points.

Production Process Contributed to Scoring

  • Materials and Resources6
  • Water Efficiency4
  • Water4
  • Material3
  • Environmental Quality (Local)3
  • Environmental Quality (Water)2